Learn With Thom is the brainchild of Thom Craver, a renown SEO and Web analytics expert. Over the past decade, Thom has traveled from London to San Francisco and many cities in between presenting on search engine optimization and teaching web analytics strategies to industry leaders across the globe.

Thom has been in the web analytics space since 2004, before Google Analytics existed. He knows how to read visitor data from a business objectives lens. This means you will not only know what your traffic numbers are, you’ll know what they mean and even suggestions for how to make decisions to improve your bottom line.

Throughout that time, one recurring line of questioning had been continuously asked of him:

Did I miss your talk? Where can I learn from you again? Are you online?

This year, Thom took the summer off and set to accomplish just that. The courses available at LearnWithThom.com are the result of that time off.

Each of the web analytics classes listed below allow you to go at your own pace. But all led by Thom in the same well-paced, example-driven manner that you would receive in his in-person master classes.

Online Courses Offered:

The current course offerings include:

Future course offerings will be made available based on demand and industry requests.

Thom’s Credentials

Thom was working in a data center in 1993 when he first discovered HTML and this new thing called the World-Wide Web. Putting his programming background to the test, his initial consulting included working on interactive content via CGI programming for a local city guide website. Over the years, that passion developed into New York Web Works, a full service web development and hosting company.

Tired of hearing his client ask, “so you built it, now they’ll come, right?” Thom made it his passion to learn how to bring traffic to websites. His passion for SEO was born. That quickly progressed to how to understand and demonstrate how SEO efforts were paying off, which led him into the world of analytics.

After selling New York Web Works, he worked for various agencies and other companies. While the SEO industry grew and social media and content marketing became increasingly important, Thom followed suit and adapted throughout his career.

The analytics courses offered here are a result of a passionate career.